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Overwintering of barges in the Beaufort - assessing ice issues and damage potential

Anne Barker & Garry Timco
Overwintering of vessels and barges has been carried out in the Arctic for many years, in the Beaufort as well as in other regions of the Arctic and southern Canada. Draft guidelines from Transport Canada exist for this practice. However, there is uncertainty concerning the damage potential for structures that may be left to freeze-in within the landfast ice region of the Beaufort Sea, particularly those that contain petroleum products. This is a great concern...

National Research Council Canada: audit of hospitality 2007-2008: internal audit, NRC

Jayne Hinchliff-Milne, Irina Nikolova & National Research Council Canada
This audit report represents the findings of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s annual compliance audit of hospitality expenditures for 2007-08. The decision to conduct this audit was approved by the President following the recommendation of the Audit and Evaluation and Risk Management Committee on June 27, 2007 as part of the NRC 2007-08 to 2009-10 Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan. Expenditures for hospitality in 2007-08 were $1.5 million.

Gerhard Herzberg's 80th Birthday Party 1984, 3.26A

Handwritten on back of photo: "3.26A". In envelope marked "Herzberg 80th Birthday 1984, contains 30 prints".


Christine Brophy, Vincent Clancy, Scott Willie & Lu Yang
Certified values for the mass fraction of trace metals have been established for this seawater certified reference material (NASS-6).

Gerhard Herzberg's 80th Birthday Party 1984, 1.8A

Handwritten on back of photo: '1.8A'. In envelope marked "Herzberg 80th Birthday 1984, contains 27 prints".

Gerhard Herzberg's 80th Birthday Party 1984, 1.14A

Handwritten on back of photo: "1.14A". In envelope marked "Herzberg 80th Birthday 1984, contains 27 prints".

NASS-6: Eau de mer, matériau de référence pour l’analyse des métaux-traces

Christine Brophy, Vincent Clancy, Scott Willie & Lu Yang
Les valeurs certifiées suivante ont été établies pour le matériel de référence d’eau de mer: fraction massique des métaux traces (NASS-6).

Limited annual assurance compliance audit: contracts under $25,000 and acquisition card purchases 2006-07, internal audit, NRC October 2007

Jayne Hinchliff-Milne, Irina Nikolova & Jean Paradis
The single objective of both audits was to provide limited assurance that NRC is compliant with Government of Canada and NRC policies and directives for contracts under $25,000 and acquisition card purchases. For each audit a sample of five institutes, branches or programs (I/B/Ps) were selected. The individual I/B/Ps were selected for detailed testing based upon risk and control analyses performed during the planning stage of each audit as well as on the basis to...

Auroral all-sky camera control system

M. J. Neale
A new control equipment for the NRC auroral all-sky camera, replacing the earlier system put into service in 1957, is described. Use has been made of solid state counters, glow type indicators, and more liberally rated components. The use of separate units to perform each of the various functions permits the choice of a suitable group of units to satisfy the require¬ments of each installation. The basic instrumentation camera controlled may be a 35-mm PSC...

Rapport ministériel sur le rendement Conseil national de recherches Canada: 2013-2014

Conseil National De Recherches Canada
Le rapport ministériel sur le rendement fait partie de la série de documents budgétaires. Ces documents appuient les lois de crédits, qui précisent les montants pouvant être dépensés par le gouvernement et à quelles fins générales. Les documents budgétaires comptent trois parties.

Material emission information from: 105 building materials and consumer products

Doyun Won & Wenping Yang
This report summarizes the emission factors of 72 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from 105 household materials tested under the “material emissions testing for naphthalene” (B3333) in 2010 and 2011. The test specimens included 61 building materials/furnishings and 44 consumer products. The tests were conducted using a fast screening method in a micro-scale chamber system in accordance with ASTM standard D7706–11. In addition to air samples taken for the naphthalene emission characterization, one more air sample...

In Pursuit of Excellence

Gerhard Herzberg
Convocation address, University of Manitoba. Speech delivered May 24, 1973 (typed version of speech)

The Dangers of Science Policy

Gerhard Herzberg
Convocation address by G. Herzberg, York University. Speech delivered November 7, 1969 (typed version of speech)

Development and characterization of commercial boron nitride nanotube product forms

M. B. Jakubinek, Y. Martinez-Rubi, K. S. Kim, Z. J. Jakubek, C. M. Homenick, S. Zou, D. Klug, B. Ashrafi, J. Guan, S. Walker, M. Daroszewska, C. T. Kingston & B. Simard
Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) are structurally analogous to carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and possess equally impressive mechanical properties along with a different set of multifunctional properties including higher thermal stability than CNTs, wide band gap, electrical insulation, polarizability, high neutron absorption cross-section, and transparency in the visible region. Advances in large-scale BNNT production in recent years, including the hydrogen-assisted BNNT synthesis (HABS) process at NRC Canada, are now enabling broader availability of BNNT-based materials for research...

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