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Letter to Dr. G. Herzberg from J. D. Babbitt, Meeting of the Nato Science Committee

J. D. Babbitt

Financial statement discussion and analysis: for the year ended March 31, 2014

National Research Council Canada
The following Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis (FSD&A) should be read in conjunction with the audited consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes for the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.

Radiation patterns of Black Brant II antenna systems

J.H. Craven

Conseil national de recherches Canada: rapport financier trimestriel pour le trimestre se terminant le 31 décember 2014 (non-vérifié)

Conseil National De Recherches Canada
Le Gouvernement du Canada a recours à l’information financière pour appuyer ses décisions, à des fins d’élaboration des politiques, de prestation des services et de référence historique. Ces états financiers ont été préparés pour répondre à ces besoins. Ce rapport financier trimestriel ministériel traduit les résultats de la période comptable en cours et a été préparé conformément au Budget principal des dépenses, le Budget supplémentaire des dépenses (A) ainsi que le Budget supplémentaire des dépenses...

DORM-4: Fish protein certified reference material for trace metals

Scott Willie, Christine Brophy, Vincent Clancy, Joseph Lam, Ralph Sturgeon & Lu Yang
Certified values for the mass fraction of trace metals and methylmercury have been established for this fish protein certified reference material (DORM-4).

Letter to Members of Council, Management Committee and Directors from Dr. W. G. Schneider

W. G. Schneider

Memorandum, National Research Council, Interdepartmental Committees

J. R. Keyston

The Gloucester test fill - test record - copy - version 4

M. Bozozuk, G. A. Leonards, Yueying Xie, Chantal Natalie Ripp, A. Ross & C. Found
A granular test fill 12 ft (3.7 m ) high, 30 ft (9.1 m) wide at the top, and 120 ft (36.6 m) long with 1.5 to 1 side slopes was constructed on the floor of a 4-ft (1.2 m) deep excavation in marine clay near Ottawa, Canada. Earth pressure cells were installed to measure the normal ( vertical and horizontal) and shear stresses transmitted at the base of the fill. Pore water pressures, vertical...

Traction motor suspension bearing leakage tests: phase IV, migration of water vapour into bearing reservoirs

J. F. Lane & D. E. Morris
The authors were affiliated with the National Research Council Canada, Division of Mechanical Engineering when they authored this report

Memorandum, National Research Council, to Dr. G. Herzberg from B. G. Ballard, Pure Science Divisions

B. G. Ballard
Includes Memorandum from F. R. Park to B. G. Ballard

Some problems in the high fidelity reproduction of music: a lecture given to the Ottawa Section of the Institute of Radio Engineers on October 9th, 1947

J.E. Breeze

Gerhard Herzberg's 80th Birthday Party 1984, 1.26A

Handwritten on back of photo: "1.26A". In envelope marked "Herzberg 80th Birthday 1984, contains 27 prints".

Properties of Building Materials at Elevated Temperatures

T. Z. Harmathy
The Fire Research Laboratory of the Division of Building Research, National Research Council of Canada (DBR/NRC), has been engaged in applied materials research for the past twenty years. The accumulated information has so far remained largely unpublished. Frequent requests from other research laboratories and from industry have brought out the need to release it to the public. Because the information is visualized to benefit fire safety specialists primarily, the material properties in their spheres of...

Ice decay boundaries for the ice regime system : Recommendations from a scientific analysis

G. W. Timco & M. Johnston
The Canadian Ice Regime System takes into account the decay of sea ice by allowing the addition of +1 to the Ice Multiplier for ice that is deemed to be decayed. The AIRSS definition of decay relates to the surface properties of the ice such that decayed ice is defined as ice that has thaw holes or is at the "rotten" stage. This report examines this approach based on an analysis of the strength of...

Memorandum from the Division of Information Services, Sixth International Congress on the History of Science

H. H. Saunderson

Value for Canada: Growth - Taking Technology to the Market

National Research Council Canada

Conseil national de recherches Canada - rapport annuel 2007-2008

Conseil National De Recherches Canada
Aussi disponible en anglais: National Research Council Canada - annual report 2007-2008

CHBA Discussion Paper on the Canadian Construction Materials Centre and Code Conformity Assessment

Rowena E. Moyes
CHBA’s initial discussion paper was a wide-ranging look at the CCMC, which is still relevant today. Anyone with an interest in this topic is encouraged to read the full 2005 document.

Review of values and ethics management framework: internal audit, NRC, June 2009

Jayne Hinchliff-Milne & Mark Shwed
This report presents the findings of the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s review of the management control framework for values and ethics. The decision to conduct this review was approved by the President following the recommendation of the Audit, Evaluation and Risk Management Committee of Council on June 27, 2007 as part of the NRC 2007-08 to 2009-10 Risk-Based Internal Audit Plan. Expenditures for promoting values and ethics in NRC are not easily attributed...

Memorandum, National Research Council, Proposed Visits to Canada and Expo 67

J. W. Ostiguy

Gerhard Herzberg's 80th Birthday Party 1984, photo #9

Handwritten on back of photo: "09". In envelope marked "Herzberg 80th Birthday 1984, contains 12 prints".

Memorandum, National Research Council, Proposed Visits to Canada and Expo 67 Revised

J. W. Ostiguy

Évaluation du portefeuille Science des mesures at étalons du CNRC

Bureau De La Vérification Et De L’évaluation
Le présent rapport fait état des résultats de l'évaluation du portefeuille Sciences des mesures et étalons (SME) du Conseil national de recherches du Canada (CNRC) effectuée en 2014‑2015. SME joue au Canada le rôle d'institut national de métrologie (INM), effectue de la recherche et offre des services de métrologie primaires d'intérêt national. À ce titre, SME assure la traçabilité des mesures au Système international d'unités (SI ou système métrique) pour le Canada et assure la...

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