Evidence of hidden diversity and taxonomic conflicts in five stream fishes from the Eastern Zimbabwe Highlands freshwater ecoregion.xlsx

Albert Chakona, Wilbert T. Kadye, , Daniel N. Mazungula & Emmanuel Vreven
Stream fishes of the Eastern Afromontane region are among the least studied vertebrates in this region, despite the potential for harbouring cryptic diversity. The present study examined mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) sequence divergence in 153 specimens of stream fishes belonging to four genera and three families, [(Amphilius and Zaireichthys (Amphiliidae); Chiloglanis (Mochokidae); and Hippopotamyrus (Mormyridae)], in the Eastern Zimbabwe Highlands (EZH) freshwater ecoregion to explore the extent to which the current taxonomy conceals...
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