Single-Source-Precursor Synthesis and Electromagnetic Properties of SiCN-Based Ceramic Nanocomposites Modified with Carbon Nanofillers from 1D CNTs to 3D RGO/CNTs

Xingmin Liu
Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), reduced graphene oxide (RGO) and CNTs/RGO hybrids are highly promising electromagnetic (EM) absorbents due to their intrinsic advantages including excellent electric conductivity, high specific surface area and good mechanical strength. However, the homogeneous dispersion of them has been a challenge. In this thesis, single-source-precursor route as a promising approach to achieve homogeneous dispersion, is employed to prepare nano-carbon fillers (CNTs, RGO, RGO/CNTs) modified ceramic nanocomposites as novel and prospective EM materials for...
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