Sphagnum and Vascular Plant Decomposition under Increasing Nitrogen Additions

Kelman R Wieder, Dale H Vitt, Melanie A Vile, Jeremy A Graham, Jeremy A Hartsock, Hope Fillingim, Melissa House, James C Quinn, Kimberli D Scott, Meaghan Petix & Kelly J McMillen
Development of the oil sands has led to increasing atmospheric N deposition, with values as high as 17 kg N ha^-1 yr^-1; regional background levels <2 kg N ha^-1 yr^-1. Bogs, being ombrotrophic, may be especially susceptible to increasing N deposition. To examine responses to N deposition, over five years, we experimentally applied N (as NH4NO3) to a bog near Mariana Lakes, Alberta, at rates of 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 kg N...
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