Ecosystem Responses to Hurricanes across North America, the Caribbean, and Taiwan; 1985 to 2018

Miguel Leon, Christopher Patrick, Benjamin Branoff, John Kominoski, Anna Armitage, Marconi Campos-Cerqueira, María Chapela Lara, Victoria Congdon, Todd Crowl, Donna Devlin, Sarah Douglas, Brad Erisman, Russell Feagin, Mark Fisher, Simon Geist, Nathan Hall, Amber Hardison, Aaron Hogan, Teng-Chiu Lin, Xianbin Liu, Kaijun Lu, Paul Montagna, Christine O'Connell, Steven Pennings, C Proffitt … & William McDowell
Tropical cyclones play an increasingly important role in shaping ecosystems. Understanding and generalizing their responses is challenging because of meteorological variability among storms and its interaction with ecosystems. Data here represent the responses of ecosystems to hurricanes from across North America, the Caribbean and Taiwan. Data across a variety of ecosystems are represented here including wetlands, estuaries, marine, terrestrial and fresh water systems. These data measure a variety of different parameters to understand ecosystem response...
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