SBC LTER: Beach: Data to support \"Contribution of macroalgal wrack consumers to dissolved inorganic nitrogen concentrations in intertidal pore waters of sandy beaches\"

Heili Lowman, Katherine Emery, Lila Kubler-Dudgeon, Jenifer E Dugan & John M Melack
These data describe measures of excretion from talitrid amphipods (Megalorchestia corniculata) fed giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) blades and incubated in a series of mesocosms during May 2018. Data are contained in one table: time series of mesocosm porewater nutrient concentrations measured twice daily for approximately one week (two full trials included in this dataset). This dataset is to support the article: Lowman, H. E., Emery, K. A., Kubler-Dudgeon, L., Dugan, J. E., & Melack, J....
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