Effects of Nutrient Supply, Herbivory, and Host Community on Fungal Endophyte Diversity, Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, USA, 2014

Eric W Seabloom, Bradford Condon, Linda Kinkel, Kimberly J Komatsu, Candice Y Lumibao, Georgiana May, Rebecca L McCulley & Elizabeth T Borer
The microbes contained within free-living organisms can alter host growth, reproduction, and interactions with the environment. In turn, processes occurring at larger scales determine the local biotic and abiotic environment of each host that may affect the diversity and composition of the microbiome community. Here, we examine variation in the diversity and composition of the foliar fungal microbiome in the grass host, Andropogon gerardii, across four mesic prairies in the central USA. Composition of fungal...
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