Soil movement across black grama and mesquite ecotone transects in the Jornada Basin, southern New Mexico, USA, 1933-2011

Robert Campbell, Robert Gibbens & Brandon T. Bestelmeyer
This package contains data from a study that measured long-term soil movement in areas undergoing mesquite invasion on the Jornada Experimental Range from 1933-2011. Data consists of height measurements of soil on two long-term transects in a Prosopsis-Bouteloua ecotone: NatReveg, established in the Natural Revegetation Exclosure in 1933, and Pasture8B, established in Pasture 8b in 1935. In 1933, about half of the NatReveg exclosure was covered with mesquite dunes. Grasses dominated the non-dune portion, but...
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