Differential impacts of calcium and aluminum treatments on foliar and sapwood physiology and metabolism of sugar maple trees growing at west edge of WS6 of HBEF from 1997-2009.

Rakesh Minocha
Plot levels Ca and Al additions study at WS6 BACKGROUD: To better evaluate the interaction of Ca depletion and Al mobilization on a northern hardwood forest, the Nutrient Perturbation (NuPert) study was initiated in 1995, west of the biogeochemical reference watershed (W6) at the HBEF (43.95411°N, 71.74779°W). The study area is on a south-facing slope, with an elevational range of 700–760 m, and most soils are classified as either Aquic Haplorthods or Aquic Haplumbredts (Halman...
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