Histological assessment of organotypic tissues

Anita Iskandar, Filippo Zanetti, Athanasios Kondylis, Florian Martin, Patrice Leroy, Shoaib Majeed, Sandro Steiner, Yang Xiang, Laura Ortega Torres, Keyur Trivedi, Emmanuel Guedj, Celine Merg, Stefan Frentzel, Nikolai Ivanov, Utkarsh Doshi, K. Lee, Willie McKinney Jr, Manuel Peitsch & Julia Hoeng
Tissue inserts have been assessed by a histopathologist who scored with severity score a number of findings. This dataset reports single measurements for each tissue insert. This dataset was generated in an in vitro systems toxicology study where Human organotypic buccal and small lung airway cultures were exposed at the air-liquid interface to cigarette smoke and aerosols of different formulations of electronic cigarettes, namely "Test Mix" (flavours, nicotine, humectants), "Base" (nicotine, humectants) and "Carrier" (humectants).
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