Assessment of Repeated CHTP 1.2 Aerosol Exposure in in vitro Human Gingival Epithelial Cultures

Filippo Zanetti, Alain Sewer, Elena Scotti, Bjoern Titz, Walter Schlage, Patrice Leroy, Athanasios Kondylis, Gregory Vuillaume, Anita Iskandar, Emmanuel Guedj, Keyur Trivedi, Thomas Schneider, Ashraf Elamin, Florian Martin, Stefan Frentzel, Nikolai Ivanov, Manuel Peitsch & Julia Hoeng
To assess the biological impact of 3R4F smoke and CHTP 1.2 aerosol, a dose range finding study and a series of three experimental phases were conducted.The repetition of phases was performed to increase the robustness of the impact assessment.Using the Vitrocell® Dilution/Distribution module, the gingival cultures were exposed to comparable doses (in terms of nicotine) of 3R4F smoke and CHTP 1.2 aerosol. These specific nicotine concentrations were obtained by diluting 3R4F smoke or CHTP 1.2...
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