Ciliary beating frequency (contrast)

Anita Iskandar, Carole Mathis, Florian Martin, Patrice Leroy, Alain Sewer, Shoaib Majeed, Diana Kuehn, Keyur Trivedi, Davide Grandolfo, Maciej Cabanski, Emmanuel Guedj, Céline Merg, Stefan Frentzel, Nikolai Ivanov, Manuel Peitsch & Julia Hoeng
This study reports a comparative assessment of the biological impact of a heated tobacco aerosol from the tobacco heating system (THS) 2.2 and smoke from a combustible 3R4F cigarette on human organotypic nasal epithelium tissue exposed at the air-liquid interface. Ciliary beating frequency was measured because of the known association between CS exposure and reduced mucociliary clearance, which is dependent upon normal ciliary beating frequency (CBF). CBF was measured with digital imaging. This dataset reports...
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