Whistler wave generation by anisotropic tail electrons during asymmetric magnetic reconnection in space and laboratory ENHANCED

Jongsoo Yoo, J Jara-Almonte, Evan Yerger, Shan Wang, Tony Qian, Ari Le, Hantao Ji, Masaaki Yamada, William Fox, Eun-Hwa Kim, Li-Jen Chen & Daniel Gershman
Whistler wave generation near the magnetospheric separatrix during reconnection at the dayside magnetopause is studied with data from the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission. The dispersion relation of the whistler mode is measured for the first time near the reconnection region in space, which shows that whistler waves propagate nearly parallel to the magnetic field line. A linear analysis indicates that the whistler waves are generated by temperature anisotropy in the electron tail population. This is...
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