Hydrogen Retention in Lithium on Metallic Walls from “In Vacuo” Analysis in LTX and Implications for High-Z Plasma-Facing Components in NSTX-U

R Kaita, M Lucia, J Allain, F Bedoya, A Capece, M Jaworski, B Koel, R Majeski, J Roszell, J Schmitt, F Scotti, C Skinner & V Soukhanovskii
The application of lithium to plasma-facing components (PFCs) has long been used as a technique for wall conditioning in magnetic confinement devices to improve plasma performance. Determining the characteristics of PFCs at the time of exposure to the plasma, however, is difficult because they can only be analyzed after venting the vacuum vessel and removing them at the end of an operational period. The Materials Analysis and Particle Probe (MAPP) addresses this problem by enabling...
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