14.000000 TeV pp collisions, SM type, HERWIG++ generator: tev14pp_herwigpp_pt1tev_pileup

S. Chekanov
HERWIG++ for QCD dijet events with MEQCD2to2. JetKtCut:MinKT 1000.0*GeV (pt>1 TeV). <p></p> Samples include no pileup case (mu=0) and pileup with mu=140. Particles in pileup samples have negative barcode (this should be take into account for a fast simulations). All particles are selected for pT.gt.0.3 GeV. Keep only stable particles and the basic partons. <p></p> Minimum bias events were generated using HERWIG++ with these parameters:ColourReconnector:ColourReconnection Yes,ReconnectionProbability 0.54,RemnantDecayer:colourDisrupt 0.80, MPIHandler:InvRadius 1.11,MPIHandler:softInt Yes, twoComp Yes, MPIHandler:DLmode 2
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