8.000000 TeV pp collisions, SM type, MCFM generator: tev8pp_mcfm_gamma_ptscale

S. Chekanov
Inclusive photons at NLO (MCFM) GeV for different pT ranges starting from 20-3000 GeV. We use CT10 PDF and a dynamic scale (pT(gamma)). The isolation is fixed to 12 GeV in the cone 0.4. |eta(photons)|<2.4. <p> </p> Complete input card is attached as logfile inside each file. <p> </p> Cross section was estimated for pT>25 GeV and |eta|<0.6 <p> </p> <pre> [General options to specify the process and execution] 280 [nproc] tota 8000d0 [sqrts in...
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