13.000000 TeV pp collisions, SM type, MCFM generator: tev13pp_mcfm_gamma_alpha020

S. Chekanov
Inclusive photons at NLO (MCFM) GeV for CT10 PDF with alpha_s=0.0120 (CT10nlo_as_0120.LHgrid) set is used with pt(photon) for ME. The isolation is 12 GeV in the cone 0.4 |eta|<2.4 Log file is attached inside files. Samples are doe with min pT(gamma) cuts. Example: pt20_* means min pT>20 GeV. <pre> [General options to specify the process and execution] 280 [nproc] tota 13000d0 [sqrts in GeV] +1 [ih1 =1 for proton and -1 for antiproton] +1 [ih2...
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