13.000000 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev13pp_qcd_pythia8_ptbins

S. Chekanov
Inclusive dijets in bins of PhaseSpace:pTHatMin. Cross sections depends on pT. 1000 events per files, 100 files per pT bin. <p> </p> <h3>How to decode name</h3> Name: tev100_pythia8_ptPTMIN_PTMAX_NUMBER.promc <br> where PTMIN is min pT for PhaseSpace:pTHatMin, <br> PTMAX - PhaseSpace:pTHatMax*2, <br> NUMBER corresponds to the cluster production node. 50000 events per bin, 500 events per file. When you run, use "PTMIN-PTMAX" ranges. The actual cut on PhaseSpace:pTHatMax=2*TMAX to reduce fluctuations on the tails. <h3>How to...
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