40.000000 TeV mu+mu- collisions, Exotics type, PYTHIA6 generator: tev40mumu_pythia6_zprime_ttbar

S. Chekanov
Zprime with the masses 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 TeV decays to ttbar (top-antitop). Zprime has a narrow width of ~1% to simplify detector performance studies. The sample is designed for substructure variable studies and efficiencies. <p> </p> Masses are given by file names. Use reg. expression to download files. <pre> tev40mm_pythia6_zprime5tev_ttbar* - M=5 TeV tev40mm_pythia6_zprime10tev_ttbar* - M=10 TeV tev40mm_pythia6_zprime20tev_ttbar* - M=20 TeV tev40mm_pythia6_zprime30tev_ttbar* - M=30 TeV tev40mm_pythia6_zprime40tev_ttbar* - M=40 TeV </pre>
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