100.000000 TeV pp collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: tev100pp_qcd_pythia8_ptall

S. Chekanov
Inclusive dijets in bins of PhaseSpace:pTHatMin. No upper cut on pTHat was set. Cross sections depend on pT. 1000 events per file, 50 files per pT bin. The sample was designed for jet resolution studies. Cross sections depend on pT. <p> </p> <h3>How to decode name</h3> Name: tev100_pythia8_ptPTMIN_NUMBER.promc <br> where PTMIN is min pT for PhaseSpace:pTHatMin. NUMBER corresponds to the cluster production node. <h3>How to use</h3> To get a sample with a given pT, use...
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