141.000000 GeV e-p collisions, SM type, AROMA generator: gev141ep_aroma_dis4q2_bbbar

S. Chekanov
Electron-proton collisions. AROMA 2.2 for bbar events. Q2>4 GeV2. CTEQ6M. PDF. Collision energy: E(p)=250 GeV and E(e-)=20 GeV. <h2>Comment </h2> Event Q2, W, X and Y are encoded as <pre> eve->set_scale(W) eve->set_alpha_qed(y) eve->set_alpha_qcd(x) eve->set_scale_pdf(q2) eve->set_x1(x) eve->set_x2(y) </pre> Starting from the tag rfull054, truth-level event variables are included in the LCIO files as "parameters" with the keys: <pre> parameter EVGEN:eCM [float] parameter EVGEN:Process [string] parameter EVGEN:ID1 [int] parameter EVGEN:ID2 [int] parameter EVGEN:ProcessID [int] parameter EVGEN:DIS:Q2 [float]...
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