35.000000 GeV e-p collisions, SM type, LEPTO/PYTHIA generator: gev35ep_lepto6_dis1q2

S. Chekanov & J. Repond
Electron-proton collisions. LEPTO 6.5 with PYTHIA 5.7 for PS and hadronization. Q2>1 GeV2. CT10W PDF (LHAPDF= 10900). Other default parameters are E(scattered)>1 GeV and W2>5 GeV2. Collision energy: E(p)=60 GeV and E(e-)=5 GeV. These energies are designed for the JLab EIC proposal. The samples were requested by J.Repond for ANL LDRD studies. <h2>Comment </h2> Event Q2, W, X and Y are encoded as <pre> eve->set_scale(W) eve->set_alpha_qed(y) eve->set_alpha_qcd(x) eve->set_scale_pdf(q2) eve->set_x1(x) eve->set_x2(y) </pre> Starting from the tag...
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