35.000000 GeV e-p collisions, SM type, PYTHIA8 generator: gev35ep_pythia8_dis1q2

B. Cabouat, J. Repond & S. Chekanov
This data sample is for testing only. It was generated using a modified version of Pythia 8.226 by Baptiste Cabouat (baptiste.cabouat[AT]gmail.com). Collision energy: E(p)=60 GeV and E(e-)=5 GeV. LHAPDF6:MSTW2008lo68cl. <h2>Comment </h2> The kinematic variables are calculated from truth-level electron before FSR. There is a dedicated double array with the truth-level kinemtics: <pre> eve->add_fdata(Q2) eve->add_fdata(X_bj) eve->add_fdata(Y_bj) eve->add_fdata(W) </pre> For backward compatibility with older simulations (i.e. Lepto), Q2, W, X_bj and Y_bj are also encoded as <pre>...
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