Sehoon Koh, Seung-Hoe Ku, Eisung Yoon, Choong-Seock Chang, Janghoon Seo, Mark Adams, Eduardo D'Azevedo, Robert Hager, Steve Abbott, Gunyoung Park, Jianying Lang & Patrick Worley
XGC (X-point included gyrokinetic code), Version 3 Primary Author: Seunghoe Ku (PPPL, sku@pppl.gov), Robert Hager (PPPL, rhager@pppl.gov) 31 July 2017 XGC is a gyrokinetic particle-in-cell code, which is sepeciallized in tokamak edge simulatin. The simulation domain can include the magnetic separatrix, magnetic axis and the biased material wall. XGC can run in full-f, total-delta-f, and conventional delta-f mode. The ion is kinetic always except ETG simulation. The electron can be adiabatic, fluid, drift kinetic, or...
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