Data associated with Vandeleest, Beisner et al. (PeerJ, 2016) \"Decoupling Social Status and Status Certainty Effects on Health in Macaques: A Network Approach\"

Jessica Vandeleest, Brianne Beisner, Darcy Hannibal, Amy Nathman, John Capitanio, Hsieh Fushing, Edward Atwill & Brenda McCowan
Although a wealth of literature points to the importance of social factors on health, a detailed understanding of the complex interplay between social and biological systems is lacking. Social status is one aspect of social life that is made up of multiple structural (humans: income, education; animals: mating system, dominance rank) and relational components (perceived social status, dominance interactions). In a nonhuman primate model we use novel network techniques to decouple two components of social...
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