Genetic species identification and population structure of Halophila (Hydrocharitaceae) from the Western Pacific to the Eastern Indian Ocean

Vy X. Nguyen, Matsapume Detcharoen, Piyalap Tuntiprapas, U. Soe-Htun, Japar B. Sidik, Muta Z. Harah, Anchana Prathep & Jutta Papenbrock
Background: The Indo-Pacific region has the largest number of seagrass species worldwide and this region is considered as the origin of the Hydrocharitaceae. Halophila ovalis and its closely-related species belonging to the Hydrocharitaceae are well-known as a complex taxonomic challenge mainly due to their high morphological plasticity. The relationship of genetic differentiation and geographic barriers of H. ovalis radiation was not much studied in this region. Are there misidentifications between H. ovalis and its closely...
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