Involvement of the Azotobacter vinelandii Rhodanese-Like Protein RhdA in the Glutathione Regeneration Pathway

William Remelli, Nicoletta Guerrieri, Jennifer Klodmann, Jutta Papenbrock, Silvia Pagani & Fabio Forlani
The phenotypic features of the Azotobacter vinelandii RhdA mutant MV474 (in which the rhdA gene was deleted) indicated that defects in antioxidant systems in this organism were related to the expression of the tandem-domain rhodanese RhdA. In this work, further insights on the effects of the oxidative imbalance generated by the absence of RhdA (e.g. increased levels of lipid hydroperoxides) are provided. Starting from the evidence that glutathione was depleted in MV474, and using both...
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