Crown Condition Assessment and Damage Cause Assessment Sanasilva

Arthur Gessler, Christian Hug & Matthias Dobbertin (†)
Annual Crown Condition Assessment including mortality and removal and Damage Causse Assessment on the Sanasilva-Sites and LWF plots. Purpose: To assess tree and forest health and its changes and to assess occurence and extent of diseases Manual Citation: * Matthias Dobbertin, Christian Hug, Andreas Schwyzer, Serge Borer, Hanna Schmalz, 2016: Aufnahmeanleitung Kronenansprachen auf den Sanasilva- und den LWF-Flächen (Version 10). Sanasilva Inventur und Langfristige Waldökosystem-Forschung, Birmensdorf, 86 S. [---]( * Eichhorn J, Roskams P, Potocic...
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