The use of genome wide association methods to investigate pathogenicity, population structure and serovar in Haemophilus parasuis

Kate Howell, Lucy Weinert, Roy R Chaudhuri, Shilu Luan, Sarah Elizabeth Peters, Jukka Corander, David Harris, Øystein Angen, Aragon Virginia, Albert Bensaid, Susanna M Williamson, Julian Parkhill, Paul R Langford, Andrew N Rycroft, Brendan W Wren, Matthew T Holden, Alexander Tucker & Duncan Maskell
Background: Haemophilus parasuis is the etiologic agent of Glässer’s disease in pigs and causes devastating losses to the farming industry. Whilst some hyper-virulent isolates have been described, the relationship between genetics and disease outcome has been only partially established. In particular, there is weak correlation between serovar and disease phenotype. We sequenced the genomes of 212 isolates of H. parasuis and have used this to describe the pan-genome and to correlate this with clinical and...
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