Translation initiation from conserved non-AUG codons provides additional layers of regulation and coding capacity

IP Ivanov, J Wei, SZ Caster, KM Smith, AM Michel, Y Zhang, Andrew Firth, M Freitag, JC Dunlap, D Bell-Pedersen, JF Atkins & MS Sachs
Neurospora crassa cpc-1 and Saccharomyces cerevisiae GCN4 are homologs specifying transcription activators that drive the transcriptional response to amino acid limitation. The cpc-1 mRNA contains two upstream open reading frames (uORFs) in its >700 nt 5’-leader and its expression is controlled at the level of translation in response to amino acid starvation. We used N. crassa cell-free extracts and obtained data indicating that cpc-1 uORF1 and uORF2 are functionally analogous to GCN4 uORF1 and uORF4...
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