Pi Release Limits the Intrinsic and RNA-Stimulated ATPase Cycles of DEAD-Box Protein 5 (Dbp5)

Emily V Wong, Wenxiang Cao, Judit Vörös, Monique Merchant, Yorgo Modis, David D Hackney, Ben Montpetit & La Cruz Enrique M De
mRNA export from the nucleus depends on the ATPase activity of the DEAD-box protein Dbp5/DDX19. Although Dbp5 has measurable ATPase activity alone, several regulatory factors (e.g., RNA, nucleoporin proteins, and the endogenous small molecule InsP6) modulate catalytic activity in vitro and in vivo to facilitate mRNA export. An analysis of the intrinsic and regulator-activated Dbp5 ATPase cycle is necessary to define how these factors control Dbp5 and mRNA export. Here, we report a kinetic and...
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