Ancient Ethiopian genome reveals extensive Eurasian admixture throughout the African continent

M Gallego Llorente, Eppie Jones, Jon Eriksson, Veronika Siska, KW Arthur, JW Arthur, MC Curtis, Jay Stock, M Coltorti, P Pieruccini, S Stretton, F Brock, T Higham, Y Park, M Hofreiter, DG Bradley, J Bhak, R Pinhasi & Andrea Manica
Characterizing genetic diversity in Africa is a crucial step for most analyses reconstructing the evolutionary history of anatomically modern humans. However, historic migrations from Eurasia into Africa have affected many contemporary populations, confounding inferences. Here, we present a 12.5× coverage ancient genome of an Ethiopian male (“Mota”) who lived approximately 4500 years ago. We use this genome to demonstrate that the Eurasian backflow into Africa came from a population closely related to Early Neolithic farmers,...
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