Corticosterone alters materno-fetal glucose partitioning and insulin signalling in pregnant mice (vol 593, pg 1307, 2015)

OR Vaughan, HM Fisher, KN Dionelis, EC Jeffreys, JS Higgins, B Musial, Amanda Sferruzzi-Perri & Abigail Fowden
Glucocorticoids affect glucose metabolism in adults and fetuses, although their effects on materno-fetal glucose partitioning remain unknown. The present study measured maternal hepatic glucose handling and placental glucose transport together with insulin signalling in these tissues in mice drinking corticosterone either from day (D) 11 to D16 or D14 to D19 of pregnancy (term = D21). On the final day of administration, corticosterone-treated mice were hyperinsulinaemic (P < 0.05) but normoglycaemic compared to untreated controls....
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