Medulloblastoma Genotype Dictates Blood Brain Barrier Phenotype.

TN Phoenix, DM Patmore, S Boop, N Boulos, MO Jacus, YT Patel, MF Roussel, D Finkelstein, L Goumnerova, S Perreault, E Wadhwa, Y-J Cho, CF Stewart & Richard Gilbertson
The childhood brain tumour medulloblastoma includes four subtypes with very different prognoses. Here, we show that paracrine signals driven by mutant Beta-Catenin in WNT-medulloblastoma – an essentially curable form of the disease – induce an aberrant fenestrated vasculature that permits the accumulation of high levels of intra-tumoural chemotherapy and a robust therapeutic response. In contrast, SHH-medulloblastoma – a less curable disease subtype – contains an intact blood brain barrier, rendering this tumour impermeable and resistant...

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