An in vivo screen identifies ependymoma oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes

KM Mohankumar, DS Currle, E White, N Boulos, J Dapper, C Eden, Birgit Nimmervoll, R Thiruvenkatam, M Connelly, TA Kranenburg, G Neale, S Olsen, Y-D Wang, D Finkelstein, K Wright, K Gupta, DW Ellison, AO Thomas & Richard Gilbertson
Cancers are characterized by non-random chromosome copy number alterations that presumably contain oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes (TSGs). The affected loci are often large, making it difficult to pinpoint which genes are driving the cancer. Here we report a cross-species in vivo screen of 84 candidate oncogenes and 39 candidate TSGs, located within 28 recurrent chromosomal alterations in ependymoma. Through a series of mouse models, we validate eight new ependymoma oncogenes and ten new ependymoma TSGs...
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