The ASTRODEEP Frontier Fields catalogues: III. Multiwavelength photometry and rest-frame properties of MACS-J0717 and MACS-J1149

M Di Criscienzo, E Merlin, M Castellano, P Santini, A Fontana, Ricardo Amorin, K Boutsia, S Derriere, JS Dunlop, D Elbaz, A Grazian, RJ McLure, E Mármol-Queraltó, MJ Michalowski, S Mortlock, S Parsa & L Pentericci
We present the multiwavelength photometry of two Frontier Fields massive galaxy clusters MACS-J0717 and MACS-J1149 and their parallel fields, ranging from HST to ground based K and Spitzer IRAC bands, and the public release of photometric redshifts and rest frame properties of galaxies found in cluster and parallel pointings. This work was done within ASTRODEEP project and aims to provide a reference for future investigations of the extragalactic populations. To fully exploit the depth of...
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