Analysis of Campylobacter jejuni infection in the gnotobiotic piglet and genome-wide identification of bacterial factors required for infection

SPW De Vries, A Linn, K Macleod, A MacCallum, SP Hardy, G Douce, E Watson, MP Dagleish, H Thompson, A Stevenson, D Kennedy, A Baig, C Coward, Duncan Maskell, DGE Smith, Andrew Grant & P Everest
To investigate how Campylobacter jejuni causes the clinical symptoms of diarrhoeal disease in humans, use of a relevant animal model is essential. Such a model should mimic the human disease closely in terms of host physiology, incubation period before onset of disease, clinical signs and a comparable outcome of disease. In this study, we used a gnotobiotic piglet model to study determinants of pathogenicity of C. jejuni. In this model, C. jejuni successfully established infection...
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