TAPBPR alters MHC class I peptide presentation by functioning as a peptide exchange catalyst.

Clemens Hermann, Hateren Andy Van, Nico Trautwein, Andreas Neerincx, Patrick J Duriez, Stefan Stevanović, John Trowsdale, Janet Deane, Tim Elliott & Louise Boyle
Our understanding of the antigen presentation pathway has recently been enhanced with the identification that the tapasin-related protein TAPBPR is a second MHC I-specific chaperone. We sought to determine whether, like tapasin, TAPBPR can also influence MHC I peptide selection by functioning as a peptide exchange catalyst. We show that TAPBPR can catalyse the dissociation of peptides from peptide-MHC I complexes, enhance the loading of peptide-receptive MHC I molecules, and discriminate between peptides based on...
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