The Descriptive Epidemiology of the Diurnal Profile of Bouts and Breaks in Sedentary Time in English Older Adults

Dharani Yerrakalva, Andrew Cooper, Kathryn Westgate, Kay-Tee Khaw, Nicholas Wareham, Soren Brage, Simon Griffin & Katrien Wijndaele
Background: High sedentary time is associated with adverse metabolic health outcomes and mortality in older adults. It has been suggested that breaking up sedentary time may be beneficial for metabolic health; however, population prevalence data are lacking on the patterns of sedentary behaviour which would identify opportunities for intervention. Methods: We used data of adults aged ≥ 60 years (n = 3705) from the population-based EPIC-Norfolk cohort, to characterize the patterns of total sedentary time, breaks in sedentary time...
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