Nonreciprocal reconfigurable microwave optomechanical circuit.

NR Bernier, LD Tóth, A Koottandavida, MA Ioannou, Daniel Malz, Andreas Nunnenkamp, AK Feofanov & TJ Kippenberg
Nonreciprocal microwave devices are ubiquitous in radar and radio communication and indispensable in the readout chains of superconducting quantum circuits. Since they commonly rely on ferrite materials requiring large magnetic fields that make them bulky and lossy, there has been significant interest in magnetic-field-free on-chip alternatives, such as those recently implemented using the Josephson nonlinearity. Here, we realize reconfigurable nonreciprocal transmission between two microwave modes using purely optomechanical interactions in a superconducting electromechanical circuit. The...

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