The Main Sequence relation in the HST Frontier Fields

P Santini, A Fontana, M Castellano, Criscienzo, MD, E Merlin, Ricardo Amorin, E Daddi, F Cullen, M Dickinson, JS Dunlop, A Grazian, A Lamastra, RJ McLure, MJ Michalowski, L Pentericci & X Shu
We investigate the relation between the star formation rate (SFR) and the stellar mass, i.e. the Main Sequence (MS) relation of star-forming galaxies, at 1.3 <= z < 6 in the first four HST Frontier Fields, based on rest-frame UV observations. Gravitational lensing combined with deep HST observations allows us to extend the analysis of the MS down to stellar masses as low as logM/Msun~7.5 at z

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