A CO2-gas precursor to the March 2015 Villarrica volcano eruption

A Aiuppa, M Bitetto, V Francofonte, G Velasquez, CB Parra, G Giudice, M Liuzzo, R Moretti, Yves Moussallam, N Peters, G Tamburello, OA Valderrama & A Curtis
We present here the first volcanic gas compositional time-series taken prior to a paroxysmal eruption of Villarrica volcano (Chile). Our gas plume observations were obtained using a fully autonomous Multi-component Gas Analyser System (Multi-GAS) in the 3 month-long phase of escalating volcanic activity that culminated into the 3 March 2015 paroxysm, the largest since 1985. Our results demonstrate a temporal evolution of volcanic plume composition, from low CO$_2$/SO$_2$ ratios (0.65-2.7) during November 2014-January 2015 to...
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