‘Future-proofing’ blood processing for measurement of circulating microRNAs in samples from biobanks and prospective clinical trials

Matthew Murray, HL Watson, D Ward, S Bailey, M Ferraresso, JC Nicholson, Vincent Gnanapragasam, B Thomas, Cinzia Scarpini & Nicholas Coleman
BACKGROUND: Quantifying circulating nucleic-acids is an important new approach to cancer diagnosis/monitoring. METHODS: We compared the suitability of serum versus plasma for measuring microRNAs using RT-qPCR and assessed how pre-analytical variables that can affect circulating-tumorDNA (ctDNA) quantification in plasma also influence microRNA levels. RESULTS: Across 62 blood-derived specimens, plasma samples in EDTA, Streck-DNA-plasma and Streck-RNA-plasma tubes showed significantly higher Ct values for multiple housekeeping microRNAs, compared with serum samples. For the EDTA-plasma tubes, this difference...

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