The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: The role of HI kinematics and HI column density on the escape of Lyα photons in star-forming galaxies at 2 < z < 4

L Guaita, M Talia, L Pentericci, A Verhamme, P Cassata, BC Lemaux, I Orlitova, B Ribeiro, D Schaerer, G Zamorani, B Garilli, V Le Brun, O Le Fèvre, D MacCagni, LAM Tasca, R Thomas, E Vanzella, E Zucca, Ricardo Amorin, S Bardelli, M Castellano, A Grazian, NP Hathi, A Koekemoer & F Marchi
© 2017 ESO. Aims. We wish to assess the role of kinematics and neutral hydrogen column density in the escape and distribution of Lya photons. Methods. We selected a sample of 76 Lya emitting galaxies from the VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey (VUDS) at 2 = z = 4. We estimated the velocity of the neutral gas flowing out of the interstellar medium as the velocity offset, δv, between the systemic redshift (zsys) and the center...
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