Characteristics of a global classification system for perinatal deaths: A Delphi consensus study

Aleena M Wojcieszek, Hanna E Reinebrant, Susannah Hopkins Leisher, Emma Allanson, Michael Coory, Jan Jaap Erwich, J Frederik Frøen, Jason Gardosi, Sanne Gordijn, Metin Gulmezoglu, Alexander EP Heazell, Fleurisca J Korteweg, Elizabeth McClure, Robert Pattinson, Robert M Silver, Gordon Smith, Zheyi Teoh, Özge Tunçalp & Vicki Flenady
${\bf Background}$ Despite the global burden of perinatal deaths, there is currently no single, globally-acceptable classification system for perinatal deaths. Instead, multiple, disparate systems are in use world-wide. This inconsistency hinders accurate estimates of causes of death and impedes effective prevention strategies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) is developing a globally-acceptable classification approach for perinatal deaths. To inform this work, we sought to establish a consensus on the important characteristics of such a system. ${\bf...
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