InGaN µLEDs integrated onto colloidal quantum dot functionalized ultra-thin glass.

K Rae, C Foucher, B Guilhabert, MS Islim, L Yin, Dandan Zhu, Rachel Oliver, David Wallis, H Haas, N Laurand & Dawson, MD
Red-, orange-, and green-emitting integrated optoelectronic sources are demonstrated by transfer printing blue InGaN µLEDs onto ultra-thin glass platforms functionally enhanced with II-VI colloidal quantum dots (CQDs). The forward optical power conversion efficiency of these heterogeneously integrated devices is, respectively, 9%, 15%, and 14% for a blue light absorption over 95%. The sources are demonstrated in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (OFDM) visible light communication link reaching respective data transmission rates of 46 Mbps, 44...

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