Magnetic Shielding Above 1 T at 20 K With Bulk, Large Grain YBCO Tubes Made by Buffer-Aided Top Seeded Melt Growth

Yunhua Shi, L Wera, J Fagnard, Devendra Namburi, B Vanderheyden & P Vanderheyden
YBCO tubes of ∼10 mm diameter closed at one extremity were engineered by a buffer-aided top seeded melt growth fabrication process. These tubes can act as efficient “dc” magnetic shields and are observed to reduce axial flux densities of 1.5 T by a factor of 100 at 20 K. Such performances are comparable in magnitude to the record threshold inductions reported for bulk MgB2 and Bi-2212 materials at lower temperatures. Magnetic shielding measurements for open...

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