Identification and functional characterization of G6PC2 coding variants influencing glycemic traits define an effector transcript at the G6PC2-ABCB11 locus.

Anubha Mahajan, Xueling Sim, Hui Jin Ng, Alisa Manning, Manuel A Rivas, Heather M Highland, Adam E Locke, Niels Grarup, Hae Kyung Im, Pablo Cingolani, Jason Flannick, Pierre Fontanillas, Christian Fuchsberger, Kyle J Gaulton, Tanya M Teslovich, N William Rayner, Neil R Robertson, Nicola L Beer, Jana K Rundle, Jette Bork-Jensen, Claes Ladenvall, Christine Blancher, David Buck, Gemma Buck, Noël P Burtt … & Consortium T2D-GENES
Genome wide association studies (GWAS) for fasting glucose (FG) and insulin (FI) have identified common variant signals which explain 4.8% and 1.2% of trait variance, respectively. It is hypothesized that low-frequency and rare variants could contribute substantially to unexplained genetic variance. To test this, we analyzed exome-array data from up to 33,231 non-diabetic individuals of European ancestry. We found exome-wide significant (P<5×10-7) evidence for two loci not previously highlighted by common variant GWAS: GLP1R (p.Ala316Thr,...
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