Differences in Common Genetic Predisposition to Ischaemic Stroke by Age and Sex

Matthew Traylor, Loes Rutten-Jacobs, Elizabeth G Holliday, Rainer Malik, Cathie Sudlow, Peter M Rothwell, Jane M Maguire, Simon A Koblar, Steve Bevan, Giorgio Boncoraglio, Martin Dichgans, Chris Levi, Cathryn M Lewis & Hugh Markus
Background and Purpose: Evidence from epidemiological studies points to differences in factors predisposing to stroke by age and sex. Whether these arise due to different genetic influences remained untested. Here, we use data from 4 genome-wide association datasets to study the relationship between genetic influence on stroke with both age and sex. Methods: Using genomic restricted expectation maximization likelihood (GREML) methods, we performed four analyses; 1) we calculated the genetic correlation between groups divided by...
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